Alchemy HD For Android

Alchemy HD For Android

I first played Alchemy a long while ago and spent many a frustrating hour trying to achieve perfection…I didn’t succeed then and now as if to haunt me comes Alchemy HD.  The same riveting game designed especially for HD resolution screens – it looks like the Nexus 7 had better be put on charge!

The premise is simple, combine two or more elements to create another, use the newly created element to combine with the first few that you had to create more.  The building blocks multiply and eventually you create all possible elements which when all are unlocked number over 400.

The beauty of Alchemy HD is in the simplicity of the gameplay.  Once you have opted to start a new game, you are presented with the play area.  On the left are the elements that you have opened and the ones that you can open based on the elements that you currently have.  Simply drag one of the icons from the left onto one of the elements on the right and if you create a new combination it will appear.  For example, combine fire and water and alcohol will appear.  Combine fire and air and you will have lightning. All of the elements that it is currently possible for you to unlock appear on the left hand side as question marks and as soon as you unlock the element its real icon appears.

The gameplay is very simple, all you have to do is drag one element and drop it on another.  If the combination works then a third element appears, repeat and see what happens.  The graphics are exceptionally pretty with great attention to detail paid to the element representations.

For such a simple concept the game is very highly addictive.  There is always the thought of “just one more go…” or “I’ll just try this one”.

The game itself is ad supported however with the purchase of extra elements these ads are removed.  You can also get hints, these are unlocked via the use of points.  The hint points are earned by solving the various elements or by selecting the ads at the bottom and waiting for 5 seconds.

Alchemy HD is very addictive.  Be warned you can lose hours of your life to this game, the graphics are simple but pleasant, the puzzles are thought provoking.

The game is free on Google Play and currently rated at 4.9 from over 6000 reviews.

Alchemy HD For Android Alchemy HD For Android Alchemy HD For Android