Recreating the Olympics on a Galaxy Note

You may remember the Olympics, it had rather a lot of coverage world wide. Well our very own Leigh Geary was invited by Samsung along with a few other people to document parts of the Olympics using only a Galaxy Note.

This year during the London 2012 Olympic Games, we teamed up with some bloggers and creative animators to create a series of unique videos of the Games from a spectators’ point of view.

This video was directed by Leigh Geary, a tech blogger from CoolSmartphone. With the GALAXY Note in his hands, Leigh and his creative partner for the day came up with a concept to capture the Japan vs. Egypt football match day using cartoons animation. Leigh was especially excited knowing his four-year-old son at home would be able to enjoy it too.

The GALAXY Note was used to create sketches and photos that made it in to this video.

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Here is the making of video, which as expected shows lots of shots of the Galaxy Note.

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This year at the Olympic Games, we invited four bloggers, Andrew, Derek, Graham and Leigh, to experience the excitement of the Games through the GALAXY Note.

When watching the Japan vs. Egypt football match, each of the bloggers was paired with a creative partner to come up with a concept for an animated video that would capture their personal experience at the match.

All the initial designs, concepts, sketches, imagery and footage were taken using the Samsung Galaxy Note and then later made into animated shots by a talented group of animators.

Last of all we have the completed video from all of the bloggers.