Spigen SGP Ultra Capsule Samsung Galaxy Nexus case review

The second case we have to review today is the Spigen SGP Ultra Capsule case.

The Ultra Capsule is a TPU case. TPU stands for Thermoplastic polyurethane which is a flexible, hard wearing, strong and transparent material. That makes it ideal for phone cases.

The case is well made with all of the cut outs in the right place, as you would expect. Sometimes you get interference with calls using cases, I didn’t notice this problem whilst testing them out.

We have two colours a white one and a green one, both of the Ultra Capsule cases are very smooth and shiny and the colour is slightly sparkly. Being flexible you just basically push the phone into case to fit it. Once it’s in the phone is nice and solid.

TPU cases are very easy to clean so any dirt on the Ultra Capsule can just be wiped off. I prefer TPU cases to the soft silicone cases you can get, because of the amount of dirt that silicone seems to attract. The Hybrid suffers a little bit with this issue due to the back panel. I guess I should clean my pockets out.

Both cases come past the front of the screen so that if the device is placed face down you shouldn’t have a problem. Again using this sort of case with a screen protector would leave you feeling confident about not damaging your phone.

I do prefer the Hybrid case though as the back panel makes the phone slightly more grippy on an uneven surface. Although the Hybrid can gather dust and dirt on the back, due to the silicone panel.

Overall though the Spigen SGP cases are a nice premium solution to protecting your phone. The Ultra Capsule comes in white, lime, black, pink, yellow or blue. They also do a wide range of cases for other devices as well.

You can get the Ultra Capsule case here from Spigen for $9.99 and worldwide shipping is available.