Orange-T Finally Semi-Official; Branding Confusion Begins

Orange T Finally Semi Official; Branding Confusion Begins

Six months ago, Everything Everywhere said it would never happen. Now, the day after OFCOM gave approval for EE to use its existing 1800 MHz spectrum for 4G use ahead of the long awaited 4G Spectrum auction, the cat has been let out of the bag.

In a press statement, EE finally confirmed that they’re going to launch their new brand in the UK. Interestingly enough they’ve made it clear that its going to sit alongside the Orange and T-Mobile brands instead of replacing them. The timing of the statement makes it clear that this must have been in the planning stages for a while.

Mobile Today has also reported “The rebranding will not affect the trial Everything Everywhere stores, which are located across the UK”, potentially giving customers the option of walking into to either an Orange, T-Mobile, Everything Everywhere or Orange-T shop to get connected. Is this the beginning of the VMVNO – aVirtual MVNO?

Do we need a new network which effectively duplicates the coverage that T-Mobile and Orange already have? Will it be the best of both worlds? How do they intend on differentiating it, and will it start by cannibalising the customer base of both T-Mobile and Orange at the same time?

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  • Moo Moo Head

    The problem they have is names like Orange have a massive brand identity behind them, in moving away from that name they risk losing the knowledge of the customers.
    T-mobile, in my opinion has less brand identity.
    They should of just called it all Orange in the 1st place, non of this stupid, Everything Everywhere, rubbish.

  • jporch316

    pain in the proverbial when my phone switches from tmob to orange signal – it drops for a second –

    • Anonymous

      couldn’t agree more. mine sticks on a crappy orange 2 bars at home when it used to stay on a full 3g t-mob signal. no way to turn this “feature” off sadly!

      • Bespectacledman

        There is a way to select Tmob as apposed to orange-Tmob as your network on most handsets it should be an option when you select your net work manually

        • Anonymous

          Hi bespectacled man, I guess you’re not a T-Mobile user. I’m afraid that’s not quite true. You can stop your phone automatically changing networks and tell it that T-Mobile is your preferred network, but the way their sims work now means that it’ll still leap to the T-Mobile/orange signal as well. I’ve spoken to their top tech support people as it definitely messes the data connection up when it switches and I’ve often got a worse signal, especially at home :-(