Samsung Galaxy SIII Jelly Bean ROM leaked

As is ALWAYS the case with a big name manufacturer like Samsung, stuff leaks. Be it screen bezels, specs, hands on photos or just future firmware. Stuff leaks out.

SamMobile have got their hands on the upcoming Jelly Bean Firmware and it has now been posted over on XDA Developers. To flash it you are going to need to know your way around Odin and Recovery mode. If those words make no sense to you stop reading this NOW.
Samsung Galaxy SIII Jelly Bean ROM leakedSamsung Galaxy SIII Jelly Bean ROM leaked

As you can see it looks nice and skinned with TouchWiz. If you want to try and brick your phone head over to the thread below on XDA for the download links and support info. Also be aware that as is always the way various thing will not work if you flash this. Also be aware that if you are rooted and you flash this then you will lose root. It shouldn’t take them long to fix this though.

So be careful people and enjoy.

Update – Since posting this one of our Twitter followers @nieldk has got in touch to say:

@coolsmartphone very unstable. Don’t recommend flashing it.

Sources – XDA XDA Thread


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  • Moo Moo Head

    Is it really that stuff leaks out of Samsung or have Samsung ‘leaked’ it, I guess it is a free way for them to put the Jelly Bean to the test, without them having responsibility for the outcome if things go wrong, but they still then have loads of people trying and breaking it for their benefit to make it better for the general public?