Apple Tried To Settle With Samsung Before Going To Court

One of the many repeated mantras surrounding lawsuits is “why do they not just settle”. IN the case of Apple vs Samsung it’s been revealed that Apple did at least try but Samsung did not agree with the terms. The proposed settlement can be seen here

Apple Tried To Settle With Samsung Before Going To Court

To break this down, essentially what Apple was proposing was that Samsung pay $30 per Smartphone and $40 per Tablet sold. These figures would have been subject to some discounts if Samsung was to agree to terms such as cross licensing their patents back to Apple or if the Smartphone was running an OS that had already licensed patents from Apple, such as Windows Phone. Also if the phone was significantly different than the iPhone. This would mean that potential discounts could bring the license down to as low as $6 per device but if it’s running Android the cheapest would be $26. There were also other discounts depending on the length of time a product had been on sale.

In the grand scheme of things that means that between June 2010 and June 2012, when Samsung sold 21.25m Smartphones and 1.4m Tablets in the US, that they would have paid Apple $554m based on $8.1b in revenue. As a comparison, in the last quarter alone Microsoft took $800m in royalties from HTC and Samsung worldwide.

As you can probably tell by the fact the case went to court, Samsung declined Apple’s offer.

Source – iMore