Acer Iconia A110 – N7 beater?

Acer Iconia A110   N7 beater?Acer’s A110 tablet could be an interesting alternative to the beloved Nexus 7 tablet. The spec is identical with a 7″ screen, Tegra 3 CPU and Jelly Bean confirmed to be on the way. With 8GB and priced at £179 at launch it doesn’t look too different. Where the Acer possibly wins is by having a microSD slot: suddenly I’m finding this more appealing than the Google device. It first appeared at Computex back in June and is now rumoured for a September release. Will the Google name alone be enough to keep the Acer at bay? Let me know on the forum!

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  • gadget fan

    with the microsd slot the acer could be a much better tablet than nexus 7 if it had the same resolution screen,as far as i know the acer has 1024×800 LCD while the nexus 7 has 1280×800 IPS LCD. shame

  • Dunno, similar spec + card slot is a win, poorer screen is a lose. If it were my cash I’d take the 16gig Nexus, but, and it’s a big but, I’d be mightily pissed off at the lack of a card slot after a few weeks.

  • Alan Mersom

    I am finding conflicting reports on the A110’s screen res but yes it’s looking definitely lower than the N7. I’ll be keen to see how it compares when released and if it is worth the hit to gain a card slot…