How far would you go to get an iPad or an iPhone

I am one of those people who feel left out if they do not have the latest and greatest device. I am humbly grateful of the fact I can just about afford to finance my monthly purchases. I am aware of the fact that probably millions of people out there just simply cannot afford to buy the latest gadgets. With many people resorting to crime or other means to get money.

But how far would you go to get an Ipad? Or an iPhone? Well one teenager in China went a bit too far. A 17 year old student in China after having being recruited in a chat room decided to sell a kidney to finance a new iPad and an iPhone. Crumbs. I hadn’t thought of selling organs.

The problem is in China organ trading is illegal and also the teenager suffered renal failure after the surgery. I guess his body couldn’t cope with only one kidney.

The whole surgery event only came to light after his mother asked him where all his new gadgets had come from. Not “why have you spent the last few weeks in hospital”.

The five people responsible for the organ trading and the surgery have gone on trial now and could get ten years in prison.

It really paints a worrying picture about how much Apple products cost in China and how desperate some people are to get hold of these status symbols. I hope the teenager recovers from this.

For a light hearted end to this story what have you done in the past to get the latest and greatest device? Sold all of your furniture? Sold a child? Drug testing? Or just saved up? Let us know below.

Source – BBC