Spy on the mechanics with Audi Cam

Spy on the mechanics with Audi Cam

A couple of months ago I took my car to an Audi dealer for repair. The £20 job quickly turned into a £700 repair bill and, no matter how many times it was explained to me, I couldn’t fully understand what all the techy mechanical stuff meant.

Now Audi have introduced “Audi Cam”. Cars will be filmed and video sent securely to customers during a service. The customer can then click on a secure link and view the issue on video so that approval can be gained for further work. It’ll also mean that customers have a better understanding of the problem.

Audi UK launches new online aftersales tool ‘Audi Cam’ created by multi-channel agency Masters Allen

8 August 2012

Audi UK has partnered with multi-channel creative agency Masters Allen to produce a revolutionary new aftersales tool. ‘Audi Cam’ allows Audi Centre Service Advisors to video a customer’s vehicle during a service and upload the footage to a secure website.

Paul Knight, aftersales product manager at Audi UK says “This system is an industry first that enhances our customers’ aftersales experience by building loyalty and trust through increased openness.”

A secure Audi Cam link is emailed to the customer within minutes of uploading the footage. The customer can simply view the clips and authorise any additional work via their PC or smart phone.

Ben Astill, digital development director at Masters Allen commented “We built the system using the trusted open source platform ‘Drupal‘, adding specialist coding to ensure it remains stable and produces consistently fast streaming with a reduced load time on the video clips.”

Audi Cam was launched across all UK Audi Centres at the end of July.