Ouya to come with XBMC on board

Ouya to come with XBMC on board

Recently we have heard a lot about Ouya and their huge popularity and the record breaking Kickstarter funding request. Well XBMC, the media player streaming service, have announced that they will be working with Ouya to ensure that XBMC works well on the Ouya platform.

Regardless, we are delighted to announce that XBMC will be working with Ouya to ensure that XBMC works well on the Ouya platform. Ouya’s Android underpinnings and XBMC’s work on Android (soon to be merged into master, pending final sign-offs!) will dramatically speed up that effort, as will early XBMC dev access to Ouya prototypes.

The conversation between our two teams is young, but talk is ongoing and positive. We look forward to providing more exciting news on this front as it develops.

Recently Ouya have been in discussion with other developers like OnLive, Vevo and TuneIn to bring their services to the platform. With all of these big names and the promised low price tag the Ouya box COULD be a big hit.

The mentioned release date is going to be March 2013, which I feel is a little ambitious, but hey we will see. The Ouya should be a gaming and media powerhouse. But if they take it in the direction it is headed a few things will need boosting. Like internal storage. The initial spec was for 8gb which will be a little low. Although most of these services are cloud based. By March will the Tegra 3 chipset still be powerful enough for the latest games?

I am certainly looking forward to getting one. How about you guys?

Source – XBMCKickstarter
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