Samsung handsets receiving Android 4.0.4

Samsung handsets receiving Android 4.0.4

Just this morning we heard that the Motorola Xoom had updated itself to Android 4.0.4. It seems like other handsets are getting in on the action too.

We’re hearing that the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note have received the “stability upgrade” and we’d be interested to hear from you if your device has got updated.

Danno1234 tells us..

I have a Galaxy S2 branded to Orange and just received an OTA software upgrade to Android 4.0.4. This is still ICS but apparently it has fixed some well known bugs. Overall the only changes i can see are a slight change to some icons, the settings menu is a larger font size and my contacts list is laid out with smaller profile pictures. On a downside, Samsungs built in email manager just will not work with my hotmail anymore so i downloaded the official hotmail app and that works a treat.

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  • Scott

    My SG2 (unbranded) Updated yesterday, i had an OTA update notification a day or so before hand but it said there was no update, i haven’t seen this notification for several months so plugged it into the laptop and sure enough keis said there was an update avail

  • got the update on my Galaxy note – which always runs faster after an update

  • stable my…..and my car dock no longer works right…..

  • John Molyneux

    No update for me as of yet. I was running a custom 4.0.4 build but decided to roll back and wait for the official release, so it’s obviously not available for everyone yet (for some reason).

  • danno1234

    Now that it has been a few days and i can see more flaws in it. The camera app takes forever to open. The SMS message received icon keeps showing you have messages unopened even when they have been checked. Samsungs email client wont pick up hotmail although the official app works fine. The Skyvi app (androids version of Siri) no longer works at all, and prior to this upgrade 4.0.4 was really accurate. Now it doesn’t recognize anything i ask. One last thing; the lock screen app simply called “lock” no longer works. I’m sure apps will be re written or new ones will come out but surely the pre installed applications should have been more thoroughly tested. It’s not just my phone set up either. My wife identical phone is completely stock, with no installed apps and has the same issues with the standard applications.