Guess which company just made millions from Android?

Go on. Guess who’s just earned themselves $792 million? Who has just bagged themselves over £507 million in only one quarter thanks to Android?


OK, you may have guessed that one. Microsoft have always made money thanks to the royalties that Android has to pay for Microsoft-held patents. These are figures based on reports from Trefis and include an apparent $10 charge paid by HTC and Samsung per Android device sold.

Guess which company just made millions from Android?


That’s not the big news. In the same period Canalys has estimated that only 5.1 million Windows Phone were shipped in the last quarter. At the same time 107.8 million Android devices were shipped.

We don’t know how much Microsoft have made out of Windows Phone, but it’s a pretty safe to say that it’s nowhere near as much as Android.

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  • John roberts

    Leigh you are missing the point of this as windows and apple are making alot of money from android as they dont own alot of the software/hardware.

    Are Android making money from Apple and windows ??

    they will come a point when they will be giving far to much to rivals.

    They are protecting there kit and making them standardised across there platforms which will make more money for them as any business would.