Chameleon Launcher is now on the Play Store

Exciting stuff I know. But unless you pre-ordered or backed them on Kickstarter then you won’t be able to install it quite yet. Take this to be a limited beta test via the Play Store.

Chameleon Launcher is a new launcher for tablets that combines a selection of widgets and feeds to create something useful, stylish and unique.

If you did pre-order or contribute then your email address will be registered against the beta. Typically my PayPal email address was different to my Google email address. So I have a few hoops to jump through before I can have a play. I will be reviewing it soon though.

Interestingly the Teknision website is still accepting pre-orders so if you want to try this out then head over to their site and pre-order, then wait for your emails accepting you. Not ideal but you should be able to get on. The Teknision site is here. Just make sure you use your Play Store Google address.

Chameleon Launcher is now on the Play StoreChameleon Launcher is now on the Play Store

Here is the Play Store description.

**This App is intended for Kickstarter and pre-order participants only. Final Chameleon Launcher is coming soon!

Looking for a Home Screen for your Android Tablet? Introducing Chameleon. Chameleon replaces the standard Android Home Screens and App Launcher with one that isn’t just more useful. But more beautiful as well.

You can set up multiple Home Screens with your own layout of widgets and apps, giving you the most relevant information that you want, when you want it. So whenever you unlock your device, you are presented with the Home Screen that is immediately valuable to you.

Chameleon Home Screens can be set up based on GPS locations, WiFi networks and time ranges, allowing you to define which Home Screen is the most relevant for the situation.

Play Store Link – Chameleon Launcher