Time2Touch 7″ Android 4.0 Tablet for £79.99

Time2Touch 7 Android 4.0 Tablet for £79.99

No, I’ve never heard of Time2Touch either, but their MC7403A tablet usually sells for £189.99 according to their website. It has a 7″ 800 x 480 pixel capacitive screen, 1.5GHz CPU, WiFi, 1.3 megapixel camera and runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich. There’s access to Google Play too.

A deal by Discount Vouchers could see you getting this tablet for just £79.99, although there is a £9.99 delivery charge. You have until August 3rd to grab this offer.

To be honest we’ve no idea what this tablet is like, so if you have one do let me know.

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  • Anonymous

    1800mAh battery?

    that 7″ back-lit screen will kill that in a matter of a few hours easily. even on mid-brightness and wi-fi on.

    also, as is usual with these cheap tablets, no sensors, almost none. no GPS, no accelerometer, no digital compass, etc

    means apps like location-based web-browsing is useless, and certainly map apps are pointless too (would have been great to have Google Maps Navigation in the car’s dash).

    it’s fine for a bit of cheap fun on the sofa or mild traveling, but with so little battery-life and so few features, it’s not up to much.

    Maybe it’s a nice cheap $80 web-browser, games machine and perhaps E-reader.

    for the price some people may find it is a nice taste of what a tablet can give you before investing at least $200 on a better tablet like the NExus7.

    • jonnymonny

      I have got one and can confirm that the battery life is very poor and it is SO SLOW when browsing, even with a fast wifi connection.

      • Sarah

        I’ve got this tablet and find the battery life okay. It does have GPS location, and can be used as Navigation, and has got Google Maps downloaded.. I find browsing better than on my current phone; Nokia Lumia 800, so can’t be that bad…
        I think it’s overall a good, cheap tablet, totally happy with my buy :)

        • jonnymonny

          Well, mine died shortly after I posted my previous comments and emails to the company haver gone unanswered. In all, a total waste of money! jonnymonny