Apple Prototypes Revealed

Apple vs Samsung (or Samsung vs Apple) kicked off this week and its proving to be a hugely interesting affair because of the evidence thats being shown. The Verge have a man inside the courts reporting back and they have managed to get their hands on a raft of images of various Apple prototypes.

There are some really interesting designs in there and it gives a good insight into just how many of these are used before the final product is decided. It certainly puts into perspective how so many rumours fly around whenever a new product is imminent.

Samsung’s using these images to try and show that Apple gets inspiration for its products from other companies although they angered Judge Lucy Koh by releasing evidence to the press that was previously rejected in court. 

What is for sure is that this case is already shaping up to be one of the most interesting in recent memory and there will likely be many more revelations over the coming days and weeks. 

The Verge’s gallery of Apple designs can be viewed here

Oh and if you need to brush up on how the patent system works (in the US at least) then this video will come in handy. It was shown to the jury before the trial started to give them a better understanding of why they were there.