Another Lumia specific app released

Over the last few days Nokia have been publishing apps. Last week we had Camera Extras, yesterday we had Contacts Share and today we have Counters. So what is Counters? Basically it allows you to input the number of minutes for calls you get a month, the number of sms you get and your data allowance for the month. It keeps track of what you have used and what you have left. There is also a little bit more to the app as well. Take calls for instance you can also see the longest call, the average call length, incoming and outgoing and the top contacts called. Messaging has similar feel allowing you to see top contacts and totals of messages. The interesting part is the data section. Which shows you your total data, downloaded data and uploaded data.

I have been waiting for this app for a while, when I first got my Lumia 800 I asked quite a few fellow Windows Phone users how they keep track of the data they have used so far that month. The answer “you can’t” was repeated to me over and over. A few people had some luck with a bundled app from Orange which promptly stopped working. I have always felt reluctant to use much internet on my Windows Phone because I had no way of keeping track of the data.

Another Lumia specific app releasedAnother Lumia specific app releasedAnother Lumia specific app releasedAnother Lumia specific app released

This app is currently in the Beta stages so various things do not work. For instance you can only use certain numbers for the data allowance ie 750mb or 1gb. You cannot have 1500mb or 1.5gb, although if you are lucky and have truly unlimited it will still count for you. Another bug is that it will not notify you if you reach the limits.

Nokia have said they know it has bugs and they just want people to test it and give feedback before a Marketplace release. As usual it is a little tricky getting hold of the app you can either click on the link below whilst browsing with your Lumia.

You could also try this QR Code 

Another Lumia specific app released

The other thing with this app being in Beta is that the app will not work unless you are on the latest firmware versions.

Note: Counters app requires particular phone software. You can check firmware version in Settings>about>more information>”Firmware revision”. It should contain string 8773 or 8779 (Windows OS version) as third number and it should start with 1750.xxxx for Lumia 800, 2175.xxxx for Lumia 900 and 1600.303x for Lumia 710 as example.

Marketplace Link – Counters 

Source – Nokia Beat Labs – AAWP