My experiment with iOS

The other week Jamie, Ravi and I were doing Podcast Episode 5 and as usual we were all just talking away. Jamie asked me how I felt the iPhone had changed the world (or something along those lines), I vaguely answered and added at the end of my reply “although I have never touched an iOS device in my whole life” the others sounded a little shocked. It got me thinking, maybe I should get a cheap iOS device to try out. Just to see how the other team plays.

Over the years I have used Windows Mobile, Windows Phone and most recently Android. All of which have good points, bad points and just damn strange features/bugs. Take Android with its slow removal of native Facebook sync in each successive version of Android or Windows Mobile in general or Windows Phone and it’s inability to let you turn the device off and charge it at the same time. I just want to see first hand how “intuitive” iOS really is and whether the OS can keep me entertained.

Over the years I have heard LOTS of arguments for and against all of the mobile operating systems. Most days on Twitter I see my “friends” bitterly embattled over such issues. One thing that does worry me is that iOS does look very simple, just a sea of icons to swipe my way through. I hope it can keep me suitably occupied.

So what do I do? What device should I get? I really don’t know what to do. I do not want to spend loads, I just want something useable that I can upgrade to iOS 6.
I feel my choices are as follows:
iPad 2 16gb
New iPad 16gb
iPod Touch refurb 32gb
iPhone 4 8gb
or lastly
iPhone 4S 8gb from eBay

I’m torn. I really do NOT need another phone and the small screen size of the iPhones looks toy-like compared to my Galaxy Note. I guess an iPod Touch will be usable for running or to take on holiday. An iPad isn’t really that mobile so I would probably be confined to my house with it. Decisions, decisions.

So what would you recommend? Either way I will be bringing you updates on my progress once I have made my mind up and got used to the device.

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  • dine

    “Jamie, Ravi and I”

  • Do they sell an 8gb 4s?

  • Martin Frow

    Do you need one? Or is this just to try it out? Seem like a waste of money to me!
    Out of all of those, I would go Touch (if you are going 8gb on the phone, why not 8gb on the touch? £70 cheaper)), you have a Note so you don’t need another phone.
    TBH, if you an Android user then you won’t see any benefit of getting a phone or a touch. I have Android, my missus iPhone, they both do the same, they are both as good as each other except the iPhone is more expensive to buy and then own! If you go iPad, then why not save money and get the Nexus7? The iPad 3 is the one to get, the screen really is amazingly crisp, not as bright as my Prime though, but all those pixels make reading on it a joy, apart from in sunlight then get the Kindle or Kobo.
    I’ve never owned anything Apple, I’ve tried my wifes phone and iPad (she has a 3), I’ve tried my daughters touch, they are good in their own way, not that much better than my Xperia Ray or Prime to make me want to defect.
    One thing they do have (had) over Android is the ease of use, although with ICS and the Play store it is just as easy as iOS and the app store.