Weekend deals – Travel Adapter and USB combo

It’s the weekend at last, and if the gorgeous weather holds, we should be getting the barbecues out and thinking of our summer holidays. When you do go abroad, there’s always that issue of travel adapters. Usually you’ve lost them, and you put them in “a safe place” never to be seen again.

These travel adapters caught my eye recently. They integrate a USB port, so in theory you don’t need to stick your phone charger in the suitcase. They’ve been spotted in 99p stores and you might find them lurking in your local “discount” store. We’ve had a dig around fleaBay and found this and this, plus the guys at eBuyer have one too.

Many people have asked whether it’s wise to plug your highly expensive phone / iPad / tablet into one of these, but we think you’ll be absolutely fine. *

* = We have absolutely no evidence to support this.

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