Orange Travel Angel saves you from big bills

In our recent podcast we were discussing roaming packages and data. It’s a problem that face when they go abroad – that bill shock. A lot of changes have been made recently to ensure that prices are reduced and are more reasonable when you go on holiday.

However, a lot of people don’t remember to buy the correct roaming package or add that magic bolt-on which could save them cash. Orange have now released a new app called “Travel Angel” which monitors your usage when abroad. It’s available on Google Play for Android and will appear soon on the iPhone too.

Not only does it track your usage when abroad, it’ll also detect the country or region you’re in and recommend the most relevant roaming bundle for you. This will be geared to match the amount of data, calls or texts you’d like to use in the country you’re in, and you can buy it straight from the app.

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From today, Orange has launched a new travel app set to help smartphone customers monitor their mobile phone usage in real time when abroad.

Orange is introducing ‘Travel Angel’, a free smartphone app downloadable from the Android and BlackBerry app stores and available soon on Apple. The app will help customers to track their mobile phone usage abroad. It automatically detects the country or region a customer is in, and if a customer does not already have a roaming bundle, it will recommend the most relevant for the amount of data, calls or texts they want to use in that country. They can then buy it immediately if they want to. The app also helps customers to track in real time the data and services they use so they can monitor their spend and usage. It also lets customers set notification alerts for how much data they have left in their bundle, so they don’t overspend.

Orange also provides a number of other initiatives to help customers control their usage when they are abroad. For further information about Orange’s roaming bundles and initiatives, please visit: