Box .com app now available for Windows Phone (not for us UK users though)

Cloud Storage. Most of use it, Android users have it the easiest as the different apps available have more access to the file system.

In the Windows Phone world things are a little more restricted. But that won’t stop who have recently released their app for Windows Phone. Box shot to fame when they offered 50gb accounts with the HP Touchpads and most recently with certain Xperia devices.

This will mark the first Cloud Storage app for Windows Phone (apart from Skydrive) that is actually released by the Cloud Storage company themselves. With Dropbox and Sugarsync you have to rely upon third party developers. This should give the app (if they ever release it in the UK) a more native feel compared to the third party apps.

The Box app doesn’t yet appear in the Marketplace. I will keep my eyes on the Marketplace for this. I will hopefully give this a thorough work through once it is released. If it offers anything drastically new I’ll let you know. I might possibly even review it.

Box .com app now available for Windows Phone (not for us UK users though) Box .com app now available for Windows Phone (not for us UK users though)

Here is the marketing blurb from Box themselves.

We’re excited to offer a fully native experience for Windows Phone that has all the features you’d expect from Box and more:

Collaborate from anywhere

In addition to being able to access and view content, you can also invite colleagues to work with you in folders, leave comments and share links to content right from the app.

Mobile search

Need to find a file fast? Search your Box account right from your phone to find your critical content in seconds. Simply tap the search icon in the Application Bar and type something to find that file or folder you’re looking for.

File management

Deleting, moving and naming folders or files is a breeze, and you can even do these actions in bulk! Tap the left margin next to files and folders to start selecting multiple items, then choose whether to move, copy or delete them from the Application Bar.


We know security is a top priority for businesses, so we’ve included an application-specific passcode lock as an extra layer of protection to keep prying eyes off your sensitive Box content.

Windows Phone goodies

We designed our app to really take advantage of this platform’s unique characteristics and capabilities. You can pivot between files, updates and collaborators, start slideshows for images just like in the Pictures Hub and even pin Live Tiles to your Start screen to see when colleagues leave updates on Box.

In addition to all this, we translated the app into French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese – perfect for all our international Box users.

It’s the full Box experience, right in your pocket. We think you’re going to love what we’ve done with Box for Window Phone, so download it today from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Hopefully this will appear on the UK Marketplace in the next few days.

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