Apple Fires Up The Machines

Apple Fires Up The Machines

Rumours have been on going for a few weeks now about Apples next handset. The device dubbed the “iPhone 5” is possibly going to be release sometime in the next few months. Will you be buying one?

Going off the rumours Apple has started the machines rolling to begin production of the next device. Do we know what it looks like? No… Do we know what it’s made of? Possibly…

It’s always the same with Apple. We never really know what’s happening. Jump over to the forum and let us know if you think the rumours are true.

Update: We have been given more information about the next iPhone. At least some of the rumours seem to be true. Check out these cases for the “iPhone 5.” Try confirm a smaller dock and a bigger screen!


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  • Robert

    Wtf? Is this a joke? This is isn’t news!!!!

  • Bob

    run out of things to write i guess haha

  • I guess they are trying to start a discussion, like all other websites about at the moment, altho the other sites seemed to of paid people to create mockup’s of what the new iPhone will look like. (which is both annoying as they are usually way out and interesting to see how peoples imaginations run wild!)

    It is good to hear what people think about the new iPhone but i guess it doesnt take a genius to predict that the next iPhone, no matter what it looks likes or new features it has, will sell extremly well.

    As an iPhone user myself and I have been since the 3G, i’m due and upgrade and im waiting to see what Apple produce. It does have to be good tho as im very tempted by the Samsung S3 or the Note 2. If the next iPhone just has pretty maps and a 4 inch screen I will be choosing a different phone.

    We shall see!

  • Martin Frow

    Nope, won’t be getting an iPhone, got an Android and have invested enough money on Apps to not want to do it all again with an iPhone. It’ll be good looking, and it’ll be hellishly expensive and it’ll sell by the bucket load. It’ll still use iTunes :( It’ll still not have a memory card slot :(