Samsung backhanded compliment, now not so backhanded

Samsung backhanded compliment, now not so backhanded

Ten days ago Samsung won a High Court battle here in the UK against Apple. It should have been a great day, but the judge soured it a little by saying that the Galaxy Tab had obviously not copied the iPad because…

They do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design, they are not as cool.

Whilst it might be a little amusing to hear a Judge telling us his opinion of “cool”, it wasn’t something Samsung bosses wanted to hear, even though they won as a consequence.

However, that slightly uncomfortable moment could be forgotten. A Judge has ordered Apple to publicly admit that Samsung didn’t copy their iPad. Bloomberg are reporting that a notice must be displayed and it must make a reference to the court case. This must be done to correct that “damage” done to Samsung following the allegation of copying.

Oh, and let’s admit this.. it should also go some way to correcting tha damage done to Samsung by the original Judge.

If true, the message could appear on the (newly purchased) website or the existing UK pages. Newspapers would also be included, with Samsung seeking to clear their name by forcing Apple to grovel in the Financial Times, Daily Mail, Guardian Mobile magazine and tech publication T3.

Link – Bloomberg
Credit – iPhone Fan