The Android Games Console

Take an Android phone or tablet with a powerful Tegra 3 CPU, 1GB of RAM and a HDMI outout. Now, take out the expensive high-resolution capacitive screen, the camera, the Bluetooth, GSM radio kit and battery. You’re left with something which costs a lot less to build.

Put this inside a box and plug it into your TV. Add a wireless controller with a D-Pad, touchpad and triggers. Bingo, you’ve got yourself a games console.

The guys at Ouya have done just that, and shortly after listing the project on Kickstarter it’s netted more than double the amount they needed. A cool $2.5 million has been added to their funds, and the box could soon be in shops for less than $99. Existing Android games on a big screen will be playable through the touchpad on their controller, and a custom user interface will deliver further “free to try” games to Ouya owners.

The boys at Ouya tell us…

Smartphones and tablets are getting all the new titles – they’re “what’s hot”. The console market is pushing developers away. We’ve seen a brain drain. Some of the best, most creative gamemakers are focused on mobile and social games because these platforms are more developer-friendly. And the ones who remain focused on console games can’t be as creative as they’d like.

Against the likes of Microsoft and Sony, these guys have got quite a fight on their hands. Let’s not forget what happened when Sony Ericsson launched the Xperia PLAY.

But maybe, just maybe, this could do well. What do you guys think? Check out the video below…

Link – Ouya (Kickstarter)