Do you say “no” to upgrades?

Something strange seems to have happened in our house recently. My wife has the HTC Desire S. She loves it, and she’s broken it more times than I can remember (insurance is a must). A few months ago she came to the end of her contract, but she’s not upgraded and she doesn’t want to.

Me, I’m the complete other end of the spectrum. I upgrade before the end of the contract and usually end up paying through the nose for it. However, I was a bit puzzled by the fact that she didn’t want the latest and greatest phone.

I’m happy with this, I know how it works, I like it.

…she tells me. I did try to argue with this, and I know she’s quite smitten with the iPhone so I showed her some of the iPhone deals that were available. She wasn’t interested. I figured she might be waiting for the new iPhone 5, but no – she said she would buy an iPhone 4S if she wanted to, but she didn’t – the Desire S suits her fine and she’s sticking with it.

Call me crazy, but I couldn’t let it lie. During a trip to a local shopping centre I showed her the new Galaxy SIII, the Sony Xperia handsets and the HTC One series. Nope.. they weren’t “like” her Desire S and she wanted to stick.

So, more than 4 months after the end of her contract she’s still got the Desire S and she’s more than happy with it. Sure, I’m puzzled, but I’m intrugued to know if you fall into this category too. Are you a “keeper” instead of an “upgrader” ?