Why pay for mobile broadband?

Not a day goes by without any of us using the internet, somewhere along the line this has to be paid for. Whether you are paying your isp for the internet at home or whether you pay your mobile provider for internet, or even heaven forbid you pay both. I know I sure seem to pay no end of people to get on the internet.

 Buy a SIM for £5, or a dongle & SIM for £25, and never pay for broadband on the go again.

That is the tagline from the Samba Mobile website. Samba have a model different to everyone else, you basically buy a sim or a dongle and sim and then you get mobile broadband for free.

What is the catch?

There is always a catch, this time the catch is that you have to watch a few minutes of adverts every day, if you keep this up every day you can rack up the mb. Each advert gets you about 3.5mb of data to use with the dongle or sim. To do this you need to install a plugin on your pc and use that to watch the adverts. Or you can watch adverts on your iPad using the Samba app.

Samba is the smart way to get connected – we give you free internet and in return you select and watch high quality adverts. You choose what to watch and when to watch it.

Samba is available for tablet & laptop owners and we use the best mobile data network (Three) in the UK. Samba works on all popular browsers except IE.

To buy just a sim card to use in an existing dongle or a micro sim for an iPad it costs £5 and the sim and dongle costs £25. If you are sometimes away from the office or you just want a cheap dongle for use in an emergency situation, then this would be ideal. You could also get the sim, watch the adverts and then use the sim with a 3g enabled Android tablet or use the sim in your own dongle. No mention of mifi’s though, I imagine you could use it in a mifi once you had watched your daily adverts. I will be getting one of these to try out over the next few weeks and my mifi will be on the list of devices to try it in.

Samba luckily piggyback the Three network, so you know that it should be quite speedy and reliable. If you are interested in this you could head over to the Samba website on the link below or head over to the Terms and Conditions page to read the small print.

If you used the Samba service already please let us know how you got on in the comments below.

Source – Samba Mobile

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  • hmm, wonder if you could buy the dongle and sim, plug the dongle into your pc and leave it playing ads all day thus racking up the mb for the sim with no other user interaction??

  • DanielM


    No you need to click the ads to earn credit. I am an existing samba mobile customer (have been for months) the service is just as good as three mobile broadband. 9Mbps+ What this piece doesn’t say is they collect your browsing data. not limited to URL’s Connection data, etc etc.. its worth a look at there TOS/Privacy page.

  • Martin Frow

    I’m not a Samba user, but I do like the Agent Provocateur ad they have in the http://www.sambamobile.com/Ads page. You may need to F5 it to get the button :)
    Looks like you could build yourself some nice credit whilst at work with a browser running in the background, just log into their homepage using your usernam/pword ;) I might have to invest in a second hand mifi type device to save myself the £5 per month data fee I am currently paying.

    Ah, just checked and see that it is purely for laptops/PCs or iPads at the moment. No Android tablet useage :( Pointless really, why do you need an app? Why can’t you just use the sim in a mifi and surf that way? If you need to top up, just go to the Samba website, sign in and click the ads on their site.
    I would get one of these, chuck it in a mifi and share it between my phone and tablet, but no, won’t work that way. FAIL.
    I give them 12 months tops :(