Got the SIII and want the Samsung Smart View app?

Got the SIII and want the Samsung Smart View app?

This might only target a fairly small subset of people, but they’re no less important than anyone else. If you, dear reader, have gone out and bought yourself one of those whizzy Samsung Smart TV’s and then bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII, listen up.

On the Samsung Galaxy SII and some of the Galaxy Tab devices you can download the Samsung Smart View app. It’ll let you control and monitor your Smart TV over WiFi. Clever stuff, and something a lot of SIII owners would like to use, but for some reason it’s not available if you’re using an SIII. Browsing through Google Play on the SIII gives you nothing, so I went hunting for the APK and side-loaded it with the app security turned off.

Guess what? It works fine. Sure, as you can see from the picture here it doesn’t use the whole screen, but surely that isn’t going to take long to fix?

So why Samsung? Why haven’t you made this app available for SIII owners?

Link – Samsung Smart View app