Opinion: Patents

When you listen to Episode 4 of our podcast later, you’ll hear me rant solidly for about 5 minutes on patents and how they are reported. Today brings a perfect example to illustrate my point.

On Tuesday Apple was granted a patent for “wearable displays” and many people (who didn’t bother to read the whole patent) jumped on the bandwagon that Apple would use it to get Project Glass banned. The Verge (specifically Matt Macari who is a qualified Patent Attorney) have detailed what the patent actually means and its not what the early reports suggest.

So once again, Apple was vilified in the media and in blog comments for trying to patent something that Google also happen to be making and it turns out they weren’t doing that at all.

This happens frequently and if you head over to this post on our forums, I’ll give some other examples and I’d love to hear what you guys think?

Link – Forum post