Patent wars, as seen by Dilbert

Lawsuits, appeals, injunctions, import bans. Today Apple have won a ban on the Galaxy Nexus in the USA and it now looks like Google will be supporting Samsung to get it overturned. Meanwhile, the new Google Nexus Tablet is apparently infringing patents held by Nokia.

The patent scraps show no signs of slowing and, from what I can see, there’s two schools of thought at play…

1 – We worked hard on this idea / innovation and we’ll defend it to the hilt

2 – Right now we can’t compete with our competitors new smartphone, so we’ll use our massive portfolio of patents / purchased patents or perhaps pursuade the company we’re working with to do the dirty work for us.

The Dilbert strip today perhaps says it best…

Patent wars, as seen by Dilbert

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  • john

    i don’t see what you are trying to say leigh as the big companies have always done this.e.g nokia,sony,HTC

    Samgung and Google have come up against a new player in the phone market since 2007 and for some reason they don’t own some of the patents for there kit.. seems strange this all started when apple came into the market with new tech????

    i would be more conceded why Google and samsung don’t own there patents instead of trying to bash those that do.Are they not big businees ???

    Android uses a lot of tech that they don’t own and flood the market with cheap phones.

    Business are starting to protect what they have and nothing wrong with that.

    and to say it would stop progress is utter rubbish otherwise nokia would hold all the cards…

    • It’s pretty obvious what he’s saying. Patent-trolling harms innovation. With the activities of the big 3 in the past 2 years, you can’t tell me you haven’t noticed a marked increase in patent-trolling?
      It would help your cause if you used the correct words in your post. What does “conceded” mean in that context?
      I’m no Android fan but unless a product is actually lifting code or a very specific design, why don’t we just let the customers decide?