Gameloft release Gang Domination a challenging social card game

Gameloft are well known for their great games that really push the boundaries of what a mobile device can do. There latest game is a little bit different to the norm. It is a turn based social card game, whereby you either play against your friends or your phone.

Gameloft release Gang Domination a challenging social card game Gameloft release Gang Domination a challenging social card game Gameloft release Gang Domination a challenging social card game Gameloft release Gang Domination a challenging social card game

The other thing Gameloft are well known for is the cost of their games, this one is free, which is nice. To play it you will need to sign up to Gree which a sort of social network for mobile gaming. It also appears that it doesn’t work on Honeycomb devices as well. So if you want a game that is based and strategy more than just lots of swiping across the screen then this could be for you. The Play Store link is at the bottom.

Step into the criminal underworld in this challenging social card game!
Step into the criminal underworld, where only the most powerful and ruthless gang bosses thrive in this challenging social card game!
Complete quests, defeat rival gangs and face-off against friends to rule the streets! Collect and discover more than 200 beautiful cards, specifically created for the game!
– Recruit gang members, each represented by its own card.
– As the Gang Boss, you’ll lead your members to clear quests and defeat rivals.
– Play solo or team up with friends in the Story mode.
– Choose between 3 factions and increase your gang’s influence within the faction.
– Combine special cards to make them stronger and gather powerful Tattoos that will grant new powers and abilities.
– More than 200 artistically designed and highly-detailed cards to collect.
– Obtain new cards every day through a variety of virtual lottery machines.
– Discover rare and powerful cards!
– Battle any player in PvP (Player Versus Player) mode.
– Complete social activities to earn points that can be spent on new cards.
– Ally with friends and get their cards to help you defeat Bosses.


June 29, 2012 – Gameloft, a leading worldwide digital and social game publisher, together with GREE, a leader in mobile social gaming and platforms, have today announced the global release of the highly anticipated social card game Gang Domination on GREE Platform. Available in more than 150 countries around the world, Gang Domination is available for free for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as for  Android (2.2 or later). The game is also available for feature phones in Japan.

Gang Domination invites players to step into the criminal world and challenge the most powerful and ruthless gangs by collecting from a deck featuring more than 200 artistically designed cards. As gang bosses, gamers are responsible for completing quests, forming alliances, defeating their rivals, and facing off against their friends through the game’s social networking components. Users can also enjoy playing solo or teaming up with friends as they battle a variety of adversaries in the game’s Story mode.

Play Store Link – Gang Domination
iTunes Link –

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  • GangDominationFan

    Game feels pointless, unless the whole point of the game is to figure out what the point of the game is. No wonder every site that mentions this game has the same copy+paste press release. No one wants to play the game long enough to know what it’s really about!
    It’s boring. The cards are beautiful (let’s forget that collectors won’t like that you can only hold 50 at a time out of the 200), but nothing really explains what makes a card good, since all the stats seem to be random (it’s got 3 stars, so I should keep this one). There doesn’t seem to be a wiki or any information on the internet about it and its gameplay (because it’s not worth playing!). Level up your cards and fight “dangerous” bosses? More like power-level my *first card* (a rare 3 star hottie assassin) and 2-shot every single boss on my way up. Use my 2 free daily jail breakouts and then some more Respect Points (game hasn’t told me what else I can use them on) to fill my card “deck” til it’s full, cannibalize the uglies and jailbreak some more…and burn thru their “tons of quests” which are composed of one sentence descriptions followed by TAPPING on a little window of 16-bit sega genesis-quality graphics (it reminds me of Final Fight) and hoping to get another cool card you won’t use (because it’s not worth learning what the stats mean when it only seems to be important when your leader, who you’ve powerleveled by feeding it your other cards) just because it might be a picture of a hot chick.
    Pointless. I’m sure you can call it a game, but challenging it most certainly is not. It’s also hardly an app as it’s basically a “portal” to a mobile website (constant loading, back button, reloading same pages…only showing 4 cards at a time when they could’ve shown 10+!). Only good thing going for this game is the card art.

  • Lunar

    Basically what GangDominationFan said, most of its flaws are there(too easy, PvE lacks variety). Otherwise I think card descriptions are pretty nicely varied and job ploy consistent(if weak). Ok game for those with good imagination who can whip up plots easily, plenty of cheap and simple material here. Also you’ll be compelled to keep at least 10 cards at all times, among a few other slight inaccuracies stated by the Fan. Otherwise he’s focusing on the wrong criticism of GangD, pointless is the stable of all multiplayer games, perform action A to get item B to perform action A better and so on, all to overtake the competition. Until you find the next game, of course

  • Lunar

    Right, you get an album which has all cards you have got and their descriptions. Kinda all work for you in that very simple but consistent plot of theirs