Bargain!!!!! Sim Free Nokia Lumia 800 for only £200

Bought to our attention by HotUKDeals, you can now purchase a Nokia Lumia 800 for the princely sum of £200.  A quick Google search reveals that the price is normally upwards of £300.

Bargain!!!!! Sim Free Nokia Lumia 800 for only £200

The smooth one-piece body flows right around the floating 3.7″ ClearBlack AMOLED display. And the seamless design makes everything clear and simple. It’s a joy to use. Pin favorite apps to the Start screen. Get live updates. One glances to see it all. This is the web without the wait. Even video playback is fast. You’ll find more, faster and see web pages as they’re meant to be seen. Take faster, better photos, and HD video. Snap and shoot great moments wherever you find them. The 8-megapixel camera and the 28 mm wide angle lens means you’ll get more in the picture. And whenever you want, you can share it all with the world in seconds.

Due to be updated to Windows Phone 7.8, £200 for a Sim Free Black Lumia 800 is quite a bargain indeed so if you are in the market for a new handset and Nokia is your thing, don’t delay, head on over to Amazon and bag yours whilst you still can.

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  • tightscot
  • Moo Moo Head

    The £118 I got for recycling one through o2 a 2 weeks back looks like a good deal now.

  • When I switched my carrier to Virgin I had to pick up an Android handset as they didnt have any WP7 devices. At the time I had an LG Optimus 7 which I loved but as it was aging I couldnt hang on to it much longer and decided to sell it while I could still get something for it.
    I would love to go back, and these deals are pretty good especially the Ebuyer deal. However I cant help thinking anyone who buys a WP7 now will regret it in a few months when WP8 hits on the 2nd generation hardware. This is why they’re slashing the prices, I dont think they’ll shift them any other way. They really should have at least tried to get WP8 on the Lumia’s, they haven’t been out long and were supposed to be the saviours of WP and Nokia. Or Nokia should have launched its WP effort with WP8.
    Just my humble opinion of course and other opinions are available.