Opinion: Apple And The New Connector

Opinion: Apple And The New ConnectorAs regular readers will probably be aware I am an Android fan.  I don’t particularly dislike Apple but I have no love for them either.  For me iOS is a bland piece of software that is only bought to life by the plethora of apps that is available or by the jailbreaking community.  The iPhone is no better or worse than some near top of the range Androids – but of course that may change with the new iPhone.

One of the changes touted for the new iPhone is a brand new connector which is changing from 30 pin to 19 pin.  The general press have picked up on the story and no doubt there will be howls of anguish as people that have spent hundreds of pounds on expensive gadgets such as docks, chargers, car kits, desk stands and whatever wonderful inventions have been thought up all realise that they won’t work with their new iPhone.

The iPhone has sold millions and millions of units for Apple.  It is sold for a premium price because it is a premium product. There are some premium accessories that have been made to go with it too, made by some very hi-tech companies.  Bowers and Wilkins, Bang and Olufsen, Cambridge Audio, Sonos, even manufacturers that make Android phones such as Sony have got in on the act.

The market for iPhone and iPod accessories is immense and there are millions and millions of unsold units sitting in shops that will be incompatible with the supposed new connector.

So, A little bit of a reality check.  Apple are a company who’s shares are traded on the NASDAQ.  This means that there are shareholders who the board report to and shareholders want one thing – Profit.

In order to maintain the levels of profit that Apple have been making they need to evolve, the products that they produce need to be cutting edge at the very least, if not ground breaking.  It is something that up until now they have done very very well and something that they are not going to just stop doing.

In order to keep ahead of the competition Apple need to keep on innovating and producing market leading products.  Android manufacturers have come a long way and in some instances have overtaken Apple in the smartphone stakes, but how many “Made for Android” accessories are there?  Not many.

However, that is about to change, Klipsch have started producing special Made for Android earphones and Philips have started making Android docks.  So, the competition could be catching up – even if there is a long way to go.

Lets put another couple of questions out there.  How many iPhones less than 3 years old have been rendered obsolete by the release of a new version of iOS?  Precisely none.  Now, how many Android new devices actually have the newest version of Android?  Less than 8% of devices currently in circulation have Ice Cream Sandwich.

What this shows is that Apple hasn’t simply forgotten about legacy devices in the past so why should they in the future?  Yes they may be producing a device with a new connector but surely they would be shooting themselves in the foot to make it incompatible with EVERY accessory currently on the market that uses said connection.

In this case I feel a bit of perspective is called for.  Apple is a well oiled crowd pleasing machine who are highly aware of their markets and let’s face it, unless it was needed why would they change what is already a winning format?

At some point it is certain that there will be an official adaptor or some other method of connecting new devices to legacy ones.  It is a sure thing that the new iPhone (or whatever it is called) will be a massive hit regardless of which connector, charger or any other changes made.  So, stop the panic, don’t get worked into a frenzy for the result will be the same as it always is with Apple, the new device(s) will sell by the bucketload, the new accessories will be produced which will also sell non-stop and the shareholders and the customers will be happy!!

Do you have an accessory with the old 30 pin connector, have you just purchased a dock, charger or other accessory?  Have your say on our forums……


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  • Guest

    Well said! (From an Apple fan)

    • John

      More like android girl fan…..

  • Tirinoarim

    I’m glad Google hasnt updated all the old phones.  Imagine an HTC Tattoo trying to run ICS?  Would cripple it.  Have you tried an iPhone 3 with the latest iOS?  much the same, crippled (that and, as you have already reported, not all the functions of the new OS are available on anything less than a 4s so isnt that fragmentation?).  On top of all that, with android, you dont need to install a full OS just to get the latest version of the email app.

  • Patrick

    You talk as tho android is free and no one makes money off it….. Don’t think android have anything to offer that’s better or worse than other phone company..

    If you like apple u choose apple and same for the rest …..

    I think apple will bring out a new connector but I bet there is also a adaptor to make it work on older connectors like my hifi dock….

    New device connector after nearly 4 years is normal as apple invents and moves on unlike some others …..eg Sony..

    • Aidanapword

       Quoting Sony as a good example of product lifecycle management (physical or otherwise) does not help your case.

    • Android isn’t a phone company, it’s a software company, and therefore has no say in the physical connectors the manufacturers use. With regards to manufacturers ‘universal’ in USB does seem to apply to all but Apple.

  • John

    Android manufacturers have come a long way and in some instances have overtaken Apple…….

    Examples please …or you making stuff up again ….

    • HTC one X screen is just one example, quad core processors, battery life on the motorola razr maxx.

      • John

        Thought we were talking about docks and accessory …. But please tell me how much android needs to use a quad core to run its software and what parts are fully working on quadcore systems

    • Aidanapword

       Networking support (incl security), energy management, extensibility. Need more?

      • Network

        Talking utter rubbish Aidan everything has thoses were on about docks and accessory …

        If you want to go down that route I’m happy to post a side by side spec of battery apps and love to bring you back down to earth on security/battery’s issues with android….

  • Anonymous

    There’s not many other 10 year old physical connections in use in the tech world. I reckon it’s kind of due an update.
    I started looking at how much I need a physical connector – iTunes syncs wirelessly, I can use Bluetooth speakers/headphones and there’s AirPlay too. Maybe we’re heading back towards a charging socket being just for charging?

    • The_Prof

      You know, I was thinking the same! I’m surprised how few docks support bluetooth these days (even some of the really expensive ones). That said, if you’re a true tech head you’ll probably have bluetooth up the wazoo. I have a bluetooth dock, car stereo, headphones, etc. Not really going to be bothered much by the connector change.

      I’m hoping this will make more of the manufacturers jump on the wireless bandwagon. Hopefully this new iPhone will have decent battery life, so plugging it in all over the place won’t be so much of an issue.

  • Colin

    I bought my TomTom car cradle for my iPhone 3GS. At £99 it was not cheap. But with the addition of a tiny plastic adaptor sent for free by TomTom it was also compatible with my iPhone 4 and is obviously still compatible with the iPhone 4S. That’s incredible value compared to anything in the Android world.

    • Aidanapword

       I am not sure how you suggest 99 GBP for *anything* is good value next to Android? I have never spent more then 10 GBP for any adapter/cradle/software/anything for my Android phones. And my Android phones have always been more capable than an iPhone (primary reason: security in networking).
      So what did you get for your 89 GBP?

      • Ihateandroidgirls

        Are you saying you don’t buy legit apps ???? You never spent more than 10 quid … Me thinks Aidan may be in a world of his own…..

  • Match Stick

    haha i think Colin just got BURNT!!!

  • Blah

    It’s not a big deal to me and it shouldn’t really bother anyone else unless they actually use an iPhone. My car kit uses Bluetooth and I’m sure there’ll be an adaptor.

    • Blah

      …an adaptor for anything that use a physical dock connection!

  • Snitch

    Apple can put a hose pipe on the end of it, the lemmings will still buy it! sad but true.lol

  • Guys, guys..can’t we all just get along? lol