Jellybean coming soon as Android 4.1

Jellybean coming soon as Android 4.1

Just days ahead of Google IO, news of the next version of Android has leaked via an unlikely source: Google’s very own Play Store.

Jellybean will officially be Android 4.1 and will apparently be with us soon, according to the listing for the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus. Not much else is known at this point apart from a revised wallpaper that’s visible in screenshot above.

So a bit of a teaser but at least we definitely know what we can look forward to next Wednesday. Let the fragmentation complaints begin!

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  • John

    ┬áit just shows what android is about….. ha

  • So, Vanilla users will get updated to their latest version. Those who prefer skinned versions of Android will be on *their* latest version, because those manufacturers are using their own version control. It’s not Android’s fault if HTC/Sony/Motorolla etc. are behind the times with their skinning.