The security surrounding those Galaxy SIII rumours

So, after a full week of Samsung Galaxy SIII features, let’s take a look back. Back before the S3 was announced to the world, when we were fed rumours daily. There was this supposed photo, then specs suggesting a 12 megapixel camera followed by a video showing the S3. But wait, that wasn’t the end of it. Yet more pictures appeared and the hype reached epic levels. Remember this snap and this ?

Somehow though, Samsung managed to keep the phone under wraps until it was announced on stage on May 3rd. This seems to be the result of a serious security lock-down, with deliveries of prototypes done in person instead of using couriers. The final design wasn’t circulated either, with Samsung instead sending out three different prototypes to avoid any design leaks – these were probably some of the phones we saw.

Understandable? Sure, but it meant a lot of extra work for their staff. Senior Engineer BeoungSun Lee stated..

I was in charge of the antenna. Generally, we manufacture the antenna based on the final design and request for authorization. However, for security reasons, we had to make the antenna over and over. We had to come up with a new antenna every time the new design came out. To be honest, it was quite tiring and frustrating.

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