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You may have heard of PayPal. I use it quite a bit, buying a selection of bargains from eBay and for collecting money from my sales as well. Either way buying or selling PayPal is quite a useful service. On a mobile device PayPal is a little more complicated, a selection of screens to log into to find the right info. Or if you are lucky your platform will have a specific app. Android and iOS both have official PayPal apps, Windows Phone does not.

In steps PayPhone Lite, a third party PayPal app that allows you to keep track of your balance and view recent transactions. If you are worried about giving your details to a third party then worry not they have outlined in the app details that they do not have access to your password at any point. On the first time of using the app you have a variety of options regarding passwords, pin number and authorising the app via PayPal. Once that is all done you are presented with a nice Metro interface that allows you to browse your account.

The paid version has no adverts, a live tile for you balance and a larger history range. Unfortunately neither version allows you to send payments through the app, hopefully I will get a response as to why this is at some point. The developers got back to me and had this to say:

I have been in contact with PayPal over the last few months attempting to get access to the portions of their API that would allows the app to send payments, but have so far not been successful. It is my intention to continue to try to get access to the full API to allow payments to be made at some point in the future.

Coolsmartphone Recommend Windows Phone App   PayPhone LiteCoolsmartphone Recommend Windows Phone App   PayPhone LiteCoolsmartphone Recommend Windows Phone App   PayPhone LiteCoolsmartphone Recommend Windows Phone App   PayPhone Lite

If you have ever wanted to check your PayPal balance and transactions on your phone, then PayPhone Lite is the app for you.

* See your current PayPal balance
* View your recent transactions – 6 months for the free version, or 12 months when purchased
* LiveTile displays your balance, and any changes, on the phone main screen.
* View detailed information about each transaction
* Filter your recent transaction by date, and type

* All data sent between PayPhone Lite and PayPal is securely encrypted
* PayPhone Lite NEVER has access to your PayPal password
* All data securely encrypted on the phone
* PIN/Password protected access to the application

PayPhone Lite, from YellowStar, allows you to quickly and easily check your current balance and see your recent transactions. PayPhone Lite gives you secure access to your PayPal account, your PayPal password is never sent to, or stored, on the phone and all the data that is downloaded is encrypted.

You can set a PIN or password to secure the app from unauthorised access. The process of setting up access to your PayPal account is all managed from the app, and only needs to be done once.

You can use the app for free, or you can buy it to remove the adverts and enable the LiveTile, which shows you your current balance, together with notifications if it has

PayPhone Lite is certainly a useful addition to the selection of Windows Phone apps. It is apps like this that are plugging the gaps left by big name companies like PayPal. The cost of the app seems reasonable to be able to use the Live Tile, especially if you want to keep track of your balance.

Marketplace Link – PayPhone Lite

Coolsmartphone Recommend Windows Phone App   PayPhone Lite