Kickstarter Recommended Project: Plugbook

We here at Coolsmartphone are always on the lookout for new technology, technology that can enhance your lifestyle or make a job easier.

One such technology that is currently looking for backing on Kickstarter is Plugbook, an innovative solution to the common problem of not having a charger or extension right where you need it.

Kickstarter Recommended Project: Plugbook

My goal was to create a little extension cord to use for small in-house jobs. Like charging your laptop, drilling a hole, connecting a lamp etc.
I wanted it to be just there, in the middle of your living room without being obstructive and with a good working cable. If you need it, you know where it is and you can just take it, without a hustle.

The plugbook is made in the shape of a book which hides itself between your other books. When you need it, just take it out and pull the cord. Simple as that! Inside the book is 10 feet/3 meter of cable. We also added an extra power socket and 2 USB ports to easily charge your iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, Camera and many other devices. And when you don’t need it anymore you press the button and the cord automatically rewinds itself (like in a vacuum cleaner). And just put it back on the bookshelf ready to go for next time.

Kickstarter Recommended Project: PlugbookKickstarter Recommended Project: Plugbook

The project currently is planned to work in the following countries:

  • Austria, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Also in France, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia but without grounding pin. And some regions of Russia.

Although the UK is not on the current list, the developer assures me that a UK version will follow on from a successful launch.

There are several funding options starting at as little as $25.

So, hop on over to the Plugbook Kickstarter page, take a look for yourself and back this rather innovative idea.