A week with … the Samsung Galaxy SIII – Day 4

Every day this week we’re bringing you a little bit of Samsung Galaxy SIII fun. Today it’s the turn of the camera and video. You may have seen “DLNA” mentioned quite a bit in your local branch of Currys and it can perhaps be a little confusing. Various manufacturers have different names for it too, and Samsung in this case call it “AllShare”. Luckily I’ve got a Samsung TV with it built-in but you can always get a widget which receives the media and splats it onto your TV sceen through the HDMI port. Basically, it’s a way of sharing your media via your home WiFi and displaying it on your TV.

Today we’ve filmed a quick video and I’ll be taking your through the slideshow feature, camera and the resulting AllShare function beaming it to our TV.

Oh, and just in case you wanted to see what the video quality is like, here’s something I filmed on the SIII…

Thanks again to the guys at ur-mobile.com for loaning us the phone.

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  • I’ve been looking at DNLA adaptors for the same reason and because I dont want to upgrade my screen just for it…. Problem is while the DNLA setup is standard codec support doesnt seem to be so as well as other things making finding a ‘good’ adaptor not that easy.

    Both Sony and LG have also put out adaptors and they have not been that great…. I’m hoping the 2nd gen will be.


  • John

    after 4 days Leigh i haven’t seen anything eye-opening that wasn’t on my s2 ?

    • Anonymous


      Indeed, if you’ve got an S2 I personally don’t see a big need to upgrade because the S2 is still rather fantastic

      Leigh Geary