Is This The iPhone 5??

BGR have picked up some images of what appears to be a fully working Apple iPhone 5 (if that is to be the name) complete with a redesign over the existing 4S which is now thinner and seems to be a unibody aluminium design with glass.

Is This The iPhone 5??Is This The iPhone 5??Is This The iPhone 5??

Whilst we cannot confirm if this is the real deal or not, it certanly looks like the supposed leaked front and back panel parts that got out just a short while ago and I really do hope this is what we will see later this year in the new iPhone as it looks stunning!

Link: BGR

Update: Italian site PhoneItalia have actually uncovered that it is infact a 3D render of the device based on speculated details. You can find the original photos over on Flickr. Maybe the Chinese site that originally alerted BGR to it couldn’t read the captions…