Pureview Coming to Windows Phone?

Pureview Coming to Windows Phone?

We had Sony Ericsson’s original K range of handsets, then we had the Nokia N range and we have had the iPhone.  The one thing that all these phones have in common is an rather good camera.

Now though we have moved into a different league with the Nokia808 Pureview, the 41 megapixel combination of  Carl Zeiss optics and Pro Imaging software.  All this however is held back by the aging Symbian OS that has few fans amongst the iOS, Android and Windows phone users of today.

This makes it all the more interesting to learn that Chris Webber, President of Nokia U.S has gone on record saying that Nokia is indeed actively working to bring the technology onto its Windows Phone range of handsets.

Given Nokia’s current predicament and Windows Phones struggle to assert themselves in todays ever growing Android and iOS market any key selling point that could be bought into play is always going to be welcome and if Nokia really can bring this technology into play onto Windows Phone then there are considerable gains to be made.

See the full interview below.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpxYxwBiEC4&feature=player_embedded’]