Vodafone Launch EuroTraveller Roaming Deal

Vodafone have launched a brand new roaming deal today which is available to both business and non business customers on the UK network.  For a charge of £3 for the day you use your phone you will now be able to take your UK package abroad with you INCLUDING data allowances!.

Vodafone Launch EuroTraveller Roaming Deal

So say for example you are in sunny Spain for 5 days (which I will be in August), I can pay £3 a day and use my 3000 Minutes, 3000 Texts and 1GB data use which for a heavy smartphone user is a fantastic deal considering past roaming deals on data costing a lot more.

If you are on a deal which includes Passport or Data Traveller you can keep this unless you opt into the new service at which point you cannot go back.

Also remember that this deal does not include extra packs such as inclusive 08 calls or MMS and also if you still have Test Drive with unlimited data this will not work, instead you get your normal contract allowance.

Considering when I go abroad using an iPhone or Android phone I use more than 25MB in a single day and make at least 3 phone calls this should be a great way to save money abroad and give peace of mind.

To opt in to this new service you can call 5555 from your Vodafone handset and select the option given.

For more information including a list of available countries visit www.vodafone.co.uk/roaming

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