Using the HTC One S at the Monaco Grand Prix

Recently I attended the Monaco F1 racing and, as with most holidays, I like to take along a camera phone. This is so I can quickly take photos and record videos on the move.

This trip was no different and, thanks to the team at HTC, I was able to loan a HTC One S to take with me. I used this as my only camera device for the trip.

All the photos and some video samples are below and are unedited for you to see for yourself

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So what can we tell from the photos above? Well the first is that, as good as the camera is on the handset, it still lacks a little when zooming to get closer photos. There have been only ever a handful of phones with optical zoom to get around this, and the new Nokia 808 PureView does not need optical zoom because of the amount of pixels it captures. You merely use the 41 Megapixel sensor to zoom in after. The view I had was fantastic and although the photos came out really well, the lack of a zoom means that still a mobile device can’t beat a standalone camera for features, even though image quality is fine.

However, where the One S did a really great job was on the quick capture of photos – one after another, after another. With these fast cars flying around the track it was important to be able to take lots of pictures within seconds of each other so they’re not blurred. With the quick capture on the One S I was able to get lots of photos really, really quickly.

Many thanks again to HTC for loaning us a One S to take photos with.

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