Can you punch as hard as Rampage Jackson?

I spotted this game the other day, it lets you basically gauge how hard you can punch. You basically have to grip the phone, punch the air and then revel in how great you are. Quite what a guy who spends ten hours a day sat at a desk repeatedly typing 8 digit product codes into a computer would do with this I don’t know. But many people out there will no doubt find some amusement in receiving a score for their punch and then watching as their friends struggle to beat the score. Throw in a few beers and they could be occupied for hours.

Can you punch as hard as Rampage Jackson? Can you punch as hard as Rampage Jackson?

This app is ad supported but there is a paid version. There is also iPhone versions available as well.

Think you can throw punches like Quinton “Rampage” Jackson? Find out for real with Rampage Punch – the all-new app that judges your punches and gives you real feedback from Rampage himself.

Whip out your phone and grab some gloves – MEDL Mobile and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson are thrilled to bring you Rampage Punch!


Rampage Punch uses the latest ass-kicking technology to gauge your punches and see how hard you can hit, while helping you strike harder and faster with audio feedback from Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

Launch the app and pick the material you want to shatter: glass, wood, or metal. Grip your iPhone, steady your fists, listen for the bell, and then fire away!

Rampage Punch records your reaction time and your punch force to give you an overall punch percentage rating. You’ll know instantly if you can strike like a champ – or couldn’t punch your way out of a field full of daises.

Don’t roll with the punches – throw them with Rampage Punch!

Play Store Link – Rampage Punch