Coolsmartphone Recommended Android App – ChargeBar

ChargeBar is a neat little line that runs along the top of your screen and shows you how much battery you have left. I originally had something like this back in the day of Windows Mobile. This is slightly more featured and is a clone of the charge bar in some of the Miui roms.

The settings for the app allow you to change the height and the colour of the bar so you can set it up to match a colour scheme you may have. The bar also animates whilst the device is charging as well.

Yes it duplicates the battery icon in the status bar, but some roms allow you to hide the battery icon giving a cleaner look. Some people also like extra tweaks to make their phone different from everyone elses.

Coolsmartphone Recommended Android App   ChargeBarCoolsmartphone Recommended Android App   ChargeBar

So if this is for you head over to the Play Store on the link below. It’s free as well which is always nice.

Play Store Link – ChargeBar