Galaxy SIII to be targeted by Apple

So, in perhaps the most unsurprising news in the world, Apple has now begun to try and block the Samsung Galaxy SIII in the US. Apple staff purchased the phone from the UK, checked it and determined that it should be added to the existing injunction motion against the Galaxy Nexus. Their reasons relate to patents and, in an effort to “accelerate the process” (stop them as soon as possible), they will “limit” their request to the S-Voice system, which they say is too much like Siri (detail here) and the long-press data tapping patent (detail here).

There’s more patents in the Apple arsenal, but the company is hoping to block the hot new Samsung phone from entering America and scooping up potential iPhone customers. The SIII is due to launch on June 21st in the US and Samsung are yet to respond to the action.

Come on. Can’t we all just get along ? At the end of the day it’s the customer who is losing out with less choice, but there’s many who will defend the action, saying that patents should be protected at all costs.

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