Galaxy SIII to be targeted by Apple

Galaxy SIII to be targeted by AppleSo, in perhaps the most unsurprising news in the world, Apple has now begun to try and block the Samsung Galaxy SIII in the US. Apple staff purchased the phone from the UK, checked it and determined that it should be added to the existing injunction motion against the Galaxy Nexus. Their reasons relate to patents and, in an effort to “accelerate the process” (stop them as soon as possible), they will “limit” their request to the S-Voice system, which they say is too much like Siri (detail here) and the long-press data tapping patent (detail here).

There’s more patents in the Apple arsenal, but the company is hoping to block the hot new Samsung phone from entering America and scooping up potential iPhone customers. The SIII is due to launch on June 21st in the US and Samsung are yet to respond to the action.

Come on. Can’t we all just get along ? At the end of the day it’s the customer who is losing out with less choice, but there’s many who will defend the action, saying that patents should be protected at all costs.

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  • Martin

    Really, Siri is like S-Voice, or is it the other way round? FFS how is a voice recognition type service supposed to work? You enable the feature, speak to the phone and it responds. How else is the bloody thing supposed to work.
    Apple are the biggest bunch of dicks when it comes to all this patent rubbish.
    If it is true tech that has been stolen / ripped off, then fair enough, protect your work with patents, but something like this. NO.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think they like competition…

      Leigh Geary

      • ninemil

        More a case
        that they don’t know how to cope with competition, without dropping their
        margins and expanding their feature base – something their profiteering ethics
        don’t mix well with.

        Offer more
        for less? Include better hardware? Nah, we’ll just sue the f*ck out of anyone
        that threatens us. Amusing how hard they’ve failed at it too.

  • Patch

    simple samsung shouldn’t have copied apples Siri you honestly can say it doesn’t look nothing like apples stop crying android girls….

    Leigh if you wrote better and looked into why they are being blocked you would see the reasons and its not just apple stopping them… just you like to think its always apple…. if you dont like apple fine move on ….

    android phones in 2007 where the ultra edition 2  apple had the iphone which since everyone has copied ..

    • Anonymous

      i would say if you don’t like leigh’s writing, fine – MOVE ON!

      • Patch

        nope i think i will put you android girls to task each time people write utter tosh …so sihaz move on son and start reloading your apps …

        • Anonymous

          a) sihaz = girl & son at the same time???? (male btw)
          b) sihaz uses htc titan wp7.5
          c) patch = wrong on two counts
          d) sihaz now moving on!

        • Miller

          Patch “apple had the iphone since which everyone has copied”….. what exactly did the iphone bring to the table that wasn’t already there? Apple market well and convince a lot of people that their phone is great and that’s fine, but tell me what new innovations have they brought along with their product?? – I own both Google/Android and Apple products but it’s starting to bug me that Apple just want to attack the competition rather than spending their resources in actually developing something new. Siri isn’t new, we’ve had the option to speak to our phones for a long time, thing is… it’s not that practical. who wants to speak into the phone in the middle of the street for directions when a couple of clicks can do it just as well if not better.

          Is this tosh enough to be taken to task Patch?

          • Patch

            Miller just look at the phones out when the iphone came out in 2007.

            look at what software they were running and apps they had.

            now your going to tell me apple didnt change the way all the others did things

            its funny how all the so called inavation by android phones look like a iphone…

            it dosent bother me what phone people want to use but when people just write stuff to make apple look bad when they made everyone else stand up and start given us better phones.

            voice action has been around for a long time its the content on the back oit which apple and windows will be asking samsung about.

          • Miller

            Patch, I’ve had “smartphones” and PDA’s since they first came out. I remember coming to this site when it launched and I owned an Orange SPV windows phone.

            In 2007 there were plenty of phones that had software (games and apps), touch-screens and rotation, GPS, cameras etc etc. The only thing Apple changed was bringing smartphones to more of a mass market than the geeky/gadget brigade of old by lots of good marketing making their product look “cool”.

            You made a point about how they have made everyone else stand up and start giving us better phones and if that was true then that would be great, but there lies the biggest problem….. They are now trying to stop that happening by patents that are no more than spurious claims of innventing something that was already there. Surely you can see this is a bad thing for the consumer?

            As far as voice action is concerned, I don’t see how Apple and Windows can have any issue on the content provided as most of the functions of Siri will use a search engine or 3rd party apps or the phone apps to provide the information to the user. Whether you verbally ask or type in a browser to get the information shouldn’t matter, Siri and any other voice facility is nothing much more than a verbal search engine and link to the functions of your phone. Not exactly ground breaking or new. 

            I’m not saying Android is way more innovative but I do like the open source nature of it which encourages developers to get on board.

            Personally I hate all the Apple v Android arguments, most of the posts I see on this are people who are either ill informed or too obnoxious to consider that there are other phones out there (other than their own) which are good.

    • Anonymous

      Sure thing, but Samsung have had a voice recognition system in their SII, and Google have one in Android handsets. It seems a bit too much of a coincidence that Apple are aiming at the SIII just as it is about to launch.
      Leigh Geary

      • John

        why dosent samsung a world mayor company have the power to overturn this action if apple dose it…

        it seems striaght forward to me or apple doing this for a laugh 

    • Can we get this right….. IIRC the voice app in the S3 is basically Vlingo re-badged and bundled so really it should be aimed at them….. but wait cant do that as the S3 wont be stopped….. And for the record Leigh is right Vlingo is also on the S2….

  • Anon

    “Apple” to be re-named “Grape”! – Sour ones!!! – GROW UP APPLE!!!

  • I find it interesting that of the improvements that came in iOS 5 many came from the jailbreaking community.  Were they patented by said community, were they hell!  Are apple being sued for it….erm no!  

    So its ok for apple to take someone else’s work (who probably has no real want to patent it) and copy it then claim it as their’s but as soon as any other company releases anything remotely resembling anything Apple have done the hotline to the lawyers is in action.

    Its boring and apple should concentrate on the r&d room rather than the courtroom.