Samsung Galaxy SIII v Apple iPhone 4s Drop Test

They are the two best selling smart phones on the planet.  With over 40 million handsets between them in circulation it only stands to reason that some are going to be dropped or broken.

In order to see which would fare better if everyone’s nightmare happens and you drop your handset, leave it on your car or heaven forbid let your children near it, independent warranty provider, SquareTrade have completed a drop test.

The droptest is based on the following statistics on accidental damage:

1 in 4 smartphones owned by parents have been accidentally damaged by their kids

1 in 2 phones fail due to drops and spills

1 in 15 people have damaged their phones in and around a car.


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The demonstration clearly shows that the iPhone 4S is ahead of the Galaxy SIII as far as sturdiness goes and it looks like accidental damage insurance is a must!!!

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  • Damien Callaly

    What are horrible video…

    • Anonymous

      A brand new SIII smashed ! Nutters ;)

      Leigh Geary

      • Stephen Murray

        makes me feel a little sad :(

      • John

        take it back to the shop and get a free replacement …. opps sorry only apple do this for you …. good luck finding a samsung shop…

  • En_croute

    Galaxy S2 is much sturdier, it seems.

    I’ve dropped my S2 twice onto concrete – the first time after 2 days while awaiting the protective case that was on back-order…. Despite landing on the corner, minor scuff damage, screen fine. Pick up both times – still powered on and working. Dropped several times at home (Ceramic & Wooden floors), all fine.

    • Argonick

      Is there something wrong with your hands??? Or you are just mega clumbsy???

      • En_croute

        1st time – I simply missed my jacket pocket, I was sober – honest
        2nd time I folded my jacket – phone popped out.
        Not particularly clumsy, but learning how you can damage good tech every day!

  • Hokum

    At work we have 4 SII users and only mine has a case, no broken screens. we have about 6 4/4S IPhone users, 3 have cracked or damaged screens, and 1 has a silicone case.

  • Pinotblanc

    Ridiculous…hardly a scientific test the iphone dropped on its back the galaxy on the front screen

  • Tony Deslandes

    I live in constant fear of dropping my Note, silicone case, etc…