3D and Offline coming to Google Maps

Google held an event today to announce new features coming to their Google Maps service, 3D and Offline.

The process of saving offline maps was demoed and it looks quite simple. The user selects “Make available offline” from the menu, selects the area needed and it downloads to your device. It even shows how much space the map will take up in realtime so you can keep track of how much storage is needed and data needed.

Google also announced 3D maps. Using planes that take images at a 45 degree angle and that fly in a tightly controlled manner allows Google to get as much detail as possible and then with the help of their custom algorithms, they can create the shape and colour of buildings.

Interestingly, 3D functionality was demoed on an iPad and Google confirmed it’ll be coming to both iOS and Android. Offline seems to be Android only however.

Sadly no release date was given for either features other than “Coming Soon”