Windows Phone Apollo to be revealed on June 20th

It looks like Microsoft didn’t want to be left out in what has now become a summer full of mobile operating systems. They have sent invites out to numerous tech blogs announcing that they will give a “Sneak Peak at the future of Windows Phone” on June 20th. There haven’t been quite as many rumours as there have been about other OS’s but what the folks at Redmond have confirmed so far is that the update will support multi-core CPU’s and will be backwards compatible with existing apps. Here is the invite:

For those keeping score at home, RIM has shown off Blackberry 10 already, Apple will preview iOS 6 at WWDC on the 11th of June and Google I/O starts on June 27th. So by the end of this month we should all have a very good idea of what the future holds for the big 4 mobile OS’s.