Time-lapse video on Android

Some years ago I filmed this summer sunrise on a Windows Mobile phone. Last weekend, with the sun actually beating down on our garden, I decided to try the same thing on Android.

I ended up using Controlled Capture Lite which is, if I’m honest, a bit rough and ready. The buttons don’t work too well and it’s a little fiddly at times but hey, it’s free and did a good enough job of snapping pictures at preset intervals.

Watching the daylight slipping away at around 10PM I popped the phone out on a wall and left it running. The app simply snaps a picture every so often – I told it to take one every minute. It took a few attempts to get this working because the previous night it rained .. doah.

After grabbing all the shots, I joined them together on my PC using a leading-edge movie package … err.. Windows Live Movie Maker, and snipped out most of the darkness. This film actually starts at 3AM and it’s pretty amazing how early the sun comes up and “normal daylight” begins whilst everyone is asleep. The video finishes at around 7.30AM.

..oh, and I also seem to have captured the cat from next door. :)

Link – YouTube

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  • EricC

    Loving the cat on 24 seconds ;-)

  • Crazylegs

    Had it been a fantastic clear blue sky morning it would have been a great timelapse, but overcast timelapse is rather dull I’m afraid!

  • Derick

    Leigh, Controlled Capture Lite can take your image shots and create a movie under its player section available under the menu “Play Current Project” and then under menu “Convert Project to Movie”. I found it much easier that using a PC to make images a movie.