Amazon Mobile App for Windows Phone is finally available in the UK

The Amazon shopping mobile has been available for a while now. But it was never available for us unlucky UK residents. Nothing has ever really been said by Amazon as to why. To me it was just another compromise I had to make when I popped my micro sim in my Lumia. In the worlds of iOS or Android the Amazon app works around the world on phone and tablets.

Amazon Mobile App for Windows Phone is finally available in the UKAmazon Mobile App for Windows Phone is finally available in the UK

I guess Amazon just couldn’t be bothered to fix it. I also guess that either Microsoft or Nokia have had a few words with them about their app. With the new budget range of phones Nokia are now introducing such as the Lumia 610 and 710 having apps like Amazon is what new customers will expect.

So if you want to grab the app load up your Marketplace or click the link below.

Search & buy millions of products right from your Windows Phone device.

The Amazon Mobile App allows Windows Phone users to quickly search, compare prices, read reviews, share products with friends and make purchases on Amazon using a simple, yet elegant, interface. To make on-the-go shopping and price comparison even easier, the Amazon Mobile App includes helpful shopping features that allow users to scan a barcode or type a search to quickly compare prices and check availability.   Users may also save time by pinning the Amazon barcode scan tile to their Start screen, enabling them to simply tap the tile to take them straight to the barcode scanner.

Shoppers are able to access Amazon’s United Kingdom, US  and Germany sites from a single app by simply selecting their desired Amazon country store. Amazon customers have full access to their existing shopping basket, wish lists, payment and Amazon Prime member shipping options, order history, and 1-Click settings. All purchases made on Amazon Mobile are routed through Amazon’s secure servers just as they are on the web.

Important note regarding permissions. Amazon Mobile requires access to the following services to operate properly:

Phone identity: Within the app you are able to place a call to Amazon Customer Service. From the home screen, tap More -> Contact Us -> Call Customer Service, and we will place the proper number in the phone app and dial it.

Camera: Bar code scanning requires access to the camera function if you choose to start the bar code scanner from the app.

Marketplace Link – Amazon 

Via – UKMobileReview