Coolsmartphone Survey: Customer Service and Mobile Operators

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Coolsmartphone Survey: Customer Service and Mobile Operators
We at Coolsmartphone are in the process of compiling a survey around Customer service from the major mobile operators in the UK.

For this we need your help.  We need your experiences, good, bad or indifferent, in order to give us a general overview of the differing levels that each operator provides.

We will then be approaching each operator in turn to try to get a comment and possibly even collaborate with us in order to help raise their levels of service.

So please let us know your experiences with your operator, have they made you angry, sad, estatic or simply just bored.

We obviously cannot comment on or resolve any individual case however we would love to hear your stories.

You can add your experiences here on our forums where we have a dedicated board for each operator.

Any contribution you make would be most useful and treated in the strictest confidence where requested.

Coolsmartphone thanks you in advance for your help and contribution!