Paper Camera for Android adds “High Quality” mode

Paper Camera for Android is a camera filter app that lets you take pictures and videos using a variety of sketchy, hand drawn looking filters.

We have looked at Paper Camera for a few times before. But they keep adding useful features. Last time they added video recording. This time they have sorted out the quality of the pictures, which makes the app a whole lot more usable. They have also added a few other settings, added the ability to use the flash and the front camera as well. (Hence the picture on the home page, apologies).

The new features are:
– On most high end devices, a new “High Quality” mode is available, that increases picture resolution (up to 2048×1536) and texture quality (turn it on in the settings menu)
– Tweaked preview, it now looks almost identical to the final pictures – New centralised settings menu to setup picture and video quality
– Optimised most effects, they now update faster
– Increased picture quality in most effects
– Improved Old Printer and Halfton effects
– Fixed artifacts that sometimes could appear in the borders of pictures

Paper Camera for Android adds High Quality mode Paper Camera for Android adds High Quality mode Paper Camera for Android adds High Quality modePaper Camera for Android adds High Quality mode

I really like Paper Camera now. The new high quality mode certainly makes a difference and the other settings just make it more flexible. So if your interested or you have already purchased it head over to the link below.

Play Store Link – Paper Camera